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Just in the movie mode apparently. Have seen Happy Feet, Over the Hedge, The Lake House and Rocky Horror Picture Show in two days. Considering I normally watch maybe an hour of TV a day this is extreme for me.

Happy Feet was a good movie, but the environmental satire underlying the story was clearly lost on most of the audience. Too enthralled with the tap dancing sequences to catch the subtext. A wonderful movie but not one for small kids, features penguins almost dying in several scenes as well as one slowly choking to near death.

Over the Hedge was great until the very end where they try and instill a moral ending in the last ten minutes. Also a fun satire against the way suburbia works.

The Lake House was a wonderful movie, romantic and heartbreaking, while still managing to get a happy ending. Ignore all the science geek in you though about time lines and theories of time travel and the grandfather clause, or you will never make it through the first 30 minutes.

Rocky Horror was the classic campy satire it was made to be. Finally bought my own copy. I love the details, bloody towels and clothes, bloody wash basins in the bedrooms, the twist of Frankfurters lips before a sudden twist in the plot.

Have a wonderful weekend. Hope everyone else out there is enjoying it as much as me.

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