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Amelia G. Sides

Amelia lives a double life, quiet clinical information system programmer by day and daring fantasy writer by evening/night. Amelia and her four legged companion can be found on most evenings sitting in front of her computer screen plotting out her next book.

Her first attempt at writing was in the form of poems during middle school. Several of her poems were published in various school and national poetry publications. This love of poetry and writing grew over the years and has become a passion without which she would surely die.

She loves researching the topic for her books and many times runs the ideas by family, friends and colleagues. Amelia loves horseback riding, traveling, music, magic, and cooking which can be found in her novels. When asked what is next for her to try? She quickly states, learning a second language.

Woman Writing



An Unkindness of Magic (A Steampunk Novel)


The Mage's Daughter (The Stone Mage Series Book 1)
Shattered Stone (The Stone Mage Book 2)


River of Words Poetry Contest Winner
"Shrimping" by Amelia G. Sides
The South Atlantic Coast and Piedmont (A literary field Guide) edited by Sara St. Antoine

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