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Multiverse 2023!

The schedule is out for Multiverse Con in Atlanta and I can't wait to attend!

You can find me at the following panels as a panelist or moderator. If not I will be wandering the panels myself looking for inspiration and new people to meet :)

Friday, Oct. 20th

4:00pm - Swept Away (Geek: Fantasy Track)

8:30pm - Erotic Horror - It's not paranormal or is it? (Geek: Horror Track)

Saturday, Oct. 21st

10:10am - Make a bracelet! (Crafting Track)

11:30am - The Ship has Sailed (Geek: Fantasy Track)

Sunday, Oct. 22nd

11:30am - MCs that look like me: Disabled and Divergent Heroes (Geek: Fantasy Track)

1:00pm - Fiction and Gaming (Play Track)

Here is the full schedule for the Con.

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