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I was watching the movie Accepted a few days ago and it has had me thinking. You go to college to get a degree, to eventually get a better paying job, yet most of the things you learn you will never use again. My sister has a degree in exercise science and works as an administrator in a fertility clinic. My friend was a nurse who got interested in computers and now helps set up the networks and systems in a hospital in town.

The degree and classes you take are a hurdle to pass with no real overlap with what you actual job will have you doing. Why can’t I go to a class and learn real skills? In the technical school I attended half the classes were learning the drugs and terminology of pharmacy while the rest was completely hands on. The last year of class was almost completely made up of clinical where you work (for free) and are trained as a pharmacy tech. who worked there would be. You learn exactly what they want you to be able to do. Why can’t more school be like this?

My going to pharmacy school depends on 3 classes now. Two are going to be tough but I should be able to pass. The other class I have taken 3 times now and failed or dropped it each time. There should be a way to get around standards like this, I have glowing recommendations from people I work with and teachers, and yet one class decides if I go to graduate school or not.

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