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Keep having people doubt my own strength lately. Rather strange. I know I am stronger than I look but if I think I am perfectly capable of picking something up, why would you offer to carry it or offer me a cart if I am carrying it at that moment?

Had a guy at the grocery store offer me a buggy, while I am in the check out line, after I have toted a hand basket around the entire store about six times. Then later at work I am doing delivery of liter bags of fluid with a hand basket, pick up one 5 liter bag and hand it to the nurse one handed, only for him to almost drop it and then complain that it is heavy (really? only weighs about 12 pounds).

I have worked at mainly physically strenuous jobs for most of my life. I was the tomboy in the family and was expected to help my Dad lift and carry various furniture (still am lol), open jars, and work outside in the yard. I worked at a 40 horse barn on weekends for 6 years hauling hay bales and feed during high school and part of college, and then worked in a hospital moving patients. I still ride and exercise so I almost never consider how strong I am, it is not obvious lol, no rippling muscles.

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