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I have been listening to Melissa Gibson and am hooked, hunting for her other CDs. I have been working a lot as a virus runs through our department.

It is hard to suppress this need for change, to run. It helps to exercise and biking makes me feel I can change myself at least a bit. But with responsibilities and work like concrete blocks holding you back it seems worse. Today when all I wanted was to go and bike 6 miles to get some of this energy out, I could not because I agreed to work a 12 hour shift tonight.

Maybe I should write a memoir. A history of me, lol. I have had a lot of things happen to me in the time I have been alive so far.

  1. I have worked at a barn as a stable-hand for 40 horses.

  2. I have worked as a data entry tech.

  3. I have been a patient transporter.

  4. I became a certified pharmacy tech.

  5. I have learned to ride a horse.

  6. I have learned to ride a bike.

  7. I have been in a severe car accident.

  8. I have been a pet sitter to dogs, cats, and ducks lol.

  9. I have learned how to canoe

  10. I became addicted to reading sitting at my dad’s knee.

  11. I tripped while learning to swim and split my chin wide open (never did learn to swim)

  12. I learned to be willing to try anything from my mother.

  13. I learned how to plant a garden and tend house plants.

  14. I learned how to bake and cook.

  15. I learned patience from my dad, and thoroughness in what I do.

  16. I have helped build a dollhouse from about 2000 peices in a kit.

  17. I have learned to make bead jewlery.

  18. I have learned to sew.

  19. I am earning a degree in Biology and trying to get into Pharmacy school.

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