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I have been house hunting lately. I want to live on my own and be more independent than I feel right now. I am living at my parent’s home right now and while staying is not a problem, it has begun to bother me that I do not have a place of my own yet.

I guess it goes back to the fact that I feel I am not doing enough right now. Most people get into pharmacy school after two years of college. I have been in college almost 6 years, earning one associates degree, a technical degree in pharmacy technology, and most of a bachelors of biology. For nearly all of it I have worked full time and taken two or more classes a semester. I also go every semester except for one when I swapped school and had to wait a semester for admission. Guess I am being too hard on myself, but it sucks to be talking to a soon to graduate pharmacy student at work and realize you are the same age.

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