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Okay, so the book is edited, published, and out in public….now what?

I am one of those people that always has multiple projects going at one time. I hate having down time. While nice for a week break or two, without the structure of a project to push me forward toward some goal most of my life seems to fall apart around me.

I am in the middle of finishing several small projects and I can feel myself already scrambling for the next big thing that I can fit myself into. While I always have a few small writing projects in the work, none of the current group is really pulling at me, not like my book or the massive fan fiction I wrote. I just don’t have a muse or pull toward any one area and it’s driving me nuts.

My to do lists are massive bullet pointed pages of everything I could possibly need to work on or might want to peck away at in my spare time, both in writing and real life. It has every story that I vaguely could do something with (with notes and outlines of what I could do vs what I did do.), household chores that I hate doing and sometimes need the reminder to get my butt in gear, art projects, music lessons I want to take, vacations I want to go on. You name it, it’s on the list.

I have checked off a massive section with finishing Book 1 of my series and it’s time to revamp the list and decide what to add. Maybe things like exercise classes and my painting can move a bit higher up the list now that I am not editing 24/7.


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