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Bucket List

My friend Lisa is convinced we both need to make up a “Bucket List”. Considering this is Lisa, of course there will be a lot of liquor and hysterical laughter involved in making this list. I have been thinking of this and my entire bucket list consists of places. I do want to get one of my books published and a few other events but most of the list is traveling.

Lisa and I are planning a trip to England and Scotland next year and in the process started trying to decide where else we would want to go. My list is huge. Lisa was pushing for a multiple country whirlwind tour that I vetoed. If I am going somewhere I want to spend enough time there to remember it and to have a few non-planned days to enjoy the town at a slow pace or to do something we have not planned for.

Lisa has traveled a lot around europe and many of the places I want to go she has been to at least once. Other places like Paris, she has been to every few years. I went on a big family vacation when I finished high school to Scotland but have not been out of the country since then. I want to go to the Northern US (How have I never been to New York? or Colorado, or Maine?), I want to go to France and Italy. I want to travel around the US and decide where I want to live. definitely not where I am now. There are so many places I have not been. Plus there is that Inn to Inn horse back riding trip in Canada that I want to do. Way too many places to name. However the things to do list is rather small. The riding trip, camping, hiking, deep-sea fishing. Mostly I would want to go and see things while doing new things on the trips. I don’t have a list of things I want to do before I die, I have a list of places.

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