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Accomplished this year

Okay. Time to tally it up. What have I accomplished so far this year.

  1. Got my fireplace fixed.

  2. Wrote three short stories.

  3. Wrote two poems.

  4. Wrote dozens of essays for classes, lol.

  5. Painted my kitchen.

  6. Downsized my library.

  7. Reorganized my downstairs and got a treadmill.

  8. Started walking on my treadmill.

  9. Started going out and doing more, Horse Show this weekend!

  10. Edited my Mage story.

  11. Started typing up my Triton Novel.

  12. Bought my manuals to study for my exit exams and GRE.

  13. Got all my unfinished tasks that have been hanging out since last year done.

  14. Planned for my upcoming vacation!

  15. Saving money for upcoming vacation and one later in the year.

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