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Writing and working from home! Woo?!?!

The only good thing about WFH so far is I have extra time to write and do things in the morning and evenings since I’m not driving 45 minutes to work and back every day.

If it ever stops raining I plan to pick up pine cones this week after work and slowly get myself back into doing things outside again like walking Reuben. He needs the exercise with how homebound he’s been lately. The planned excursions to the park will have to wait until the virus is more handled.

Reu’s current plan seems to be staring at me and whining most of the morning. I hope I can get him to calm down before too long.

Melatonin is wonderful, why did I wait so long to get real sleep?

Oat milk is great for cereal as long as you don’t look at it too closely. I’m still hunting for a good dairy free creamer, one that doesn’t go bad in a week or leave a horrible aftertaste like some of the powdered brands seem to.

Current Projects (Not Work)

  1. Finish out Burdock and Rue

  2. Expand and edit Steampunk

  3. Review Triad for completion

  4. Complete edits on Mage Book 1-2

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