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Working Toward Success

We were talking in psychology class about “Faking it till you make it.”. This idea applies to so much in life. We were discussing it in relation to treating depression. A depressed person does not want to go out with friends and do things but if they do they often feel better afterwords. Plus the action of just going through the motions can get you out of a rut.

I have been applying this to myself lately. I am determined to feel better and do better which means faking it till my mind and body catch up. So, I am dressing like I am going to meetings all day so that I am dressed nice no matter what. I have bought new clothes and shoes for work and am loving it so far. I am spending time with my dog and cleaning my house even if I do not want to. I have taken to turning off my computer by a certain time each night so that I have no excuse not to get to bed on time. This has helped a ton in getting up on time and not rushing to work half put together. I have picked up some vitamins and such that have been recommended and started taking them today, have to see if this helps.

Along with the dressing better I have picked up some moisturizer with sunscreen in it for my face before I head out the door each day. I am also dying my hair…gulp. This is the big step for me. I have never done more than highlights once several years ago so we will have to see how this turns out. I picked a shade that is close to my hair color so it cannot go too wrong. If it turns out good I may have to try some other shades.

As I said it is a “Fake it till you make it” kind of week so I am forcing myself to be the person I want to be and hope the rest of it follows. Wish me luck.

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