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I have a rather massive list of books I am saving for the end of next month to order. I really am looking forward to getting the next book in several series I am reading right now. The one I really want is the third book in the Inda series. Wonderful characters. I am also reading the twilight series and I may have to buy the books for myself eventually since mine must wing there was back to my sister in Charleston soon. I am really looking forward to Midnight Sun, the fifth book in the twilight series. It is the first book in the series as told from Edwards perspective. The first few chapters have been posted on the author’s website and it is enthralling. It makes you realize exactly what Bella was observing and explains the random mysterious comments that fill the first book. Should be good. I am also looking to get some clothes for work and some new shoes again for work. It will all have to wait two months but should be fun to see how much money I can manage to save and pay off my credit card.

I really want to save up and do a nice vacation now that I will be able to. I am not one to get extravagant clothes or things. I am generally happy with what I have but a few new things are always nice. I would really love to get a chance to travel though. There are so many places I would love to go. I have a friend who is going to Paris again next year and if I am very frugal I may get to tag along, or maybe go somewhere in the states. I really want to see Seattle, a few of the national parks, the grand canyon, New York, there are simply too many places to name. Will have to save up and see what catches my eye. And if I can drag someone along with me. Every time I try to go somewhere alone the fates try to rain toads on my head. On the last attempt my car died, I limped intocharleston, made it to my sis’s work only to not be able to start the engine at all. My money for the week vacation went to towing and fixing my car. I then had to get a new car soon after that, losing my favorite blazer, they now do not even make them any more. Well will have to try again someday, just not for a few years, LOL.

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