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Things to do…

I need to make a project of myself again. I don’t know how I do it but about every 6 months I realize my life sucks and I need to work on some things.

Well, I am back in that rut so I am trying to decide what I need to change. I think my main problem is procrastination. I have stopped living in the now and let myself get back to the exhausted, fat, chronically late person I can be when I get depressed.

So, how to fix this: 1. Live in the NOW! I don’t know how I put things off so much but I do. “If you are finished with the dish then you should wash it.” My dishes are sitting in the sink till they mold. I need to get back to doing things as soon as I see they need to be done and not two weeks later.

2. Sleep Better I wake up ten minutes before I need to go to work. I need to get to bed earlier and get up earlier. Getting to sleep at 2 am and having to be at work by 7 am does not get you 8 hours of sleep. I am going to set my clock for 6 am and get up, no snooze button for 30 minutes till I am late.

3. Dress more professional.

When I am this tired and depressed I dress like I feel, washed out and wrinkled. So, I am going to start setting out my clothes the night before while I still have energy and am awake so there is no excuse.

4. Work on my Writing.

Writing is what keeps me sane. I know this and yet I have not been writing for the last few months much at all. I need to fix this. To do this I have started a writing blog that is private where I can post and edit my writing. 5. Do Something!!!

To much of my time is spent sitting down. Now that the weather is cooling off I need to get outside more. I can walk Stella-Bee to the park and it would make us both happy. This one can start this weekend and we will go from there. I am calling to cancel my cable back down to basic since I am not watching TV anyway so I will have no excuse not to get out of the house.

Well this is my Manifesto for the Rest of the year. I will have to see just how much I can stick to it.

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