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I am determined to improve myself and my life right now.

I just need to manage to hold on to that determination this week while I am stressed and bothered. If I can do that, I can hold on to it the rest of the time with no trouble, right?

No matter how I feel I am determined to dress nice each day to work. If nothing else it makes me feel better most days. I managed it today with only 4 hours of sleep  and remembered my perfume and earrings, so I should be able to do it.

I am determined to do more with my afternoons then surf the internet. I have started learning French and am going to start exercising and walking my dog again once I have the Doctor’s okay next week. I want to pick up a French CD to play in my car while I am heading back and forth to riding lessons and work. I am looking at maybe getting a guitar and teaching myself to play it.

I am working on my writing everyday I can. I need to do some more short pieces. Everything I write seems to turn into a new possible novel. I want to enter a few pieces a month, which means writing more short pieces so I have them ready to go. Need to find a good book of writing prompts.

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