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"A communicative Mercury meets with dreamy Neptune in Pisces today. This is a wonderful opportunity to express our artistic impulses. Writing, dancing, painting and playing music are all highly favored. Creative juices may flow like a mighty river. At times like this, it’s more important to generate work than fine-tune it. A chance to edit work will come later. Right now, we need to focus on getting all ideas on paper ‘ ‘ good, bad or indifferent. Most will prove useful later. It’s also wise to obey any hunches. If someone has been preoccupying our thoughts, it would be wise to contact that person. Surprising news could arrive from such communications. Looking ahead, opportunities to travel and study may abound. Venturing out of familiar surroundings may be exhilarating. We’d be wise to try something new whenever possible. Stale routines can inhibit creativity."

Good thing I am working on my writing and photography today. A morning of editing and an afternoon of picture taking at the Zoo.

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