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Mei Catches a Dust Bunny

Image by alachia via Flickr

Ever have one of those weekends? The more you do the more you realize you need to do?

I moved all my plants outside…only to see all the dead leaves and dust bunnies hiding behind them, so I had to sweep.

I swept to realize I might as well move the furniture and sweep under it as well.

Moved the furniture and saw I needed to vacuum.

Got my vacuum out and realized it was not working.

The belt had broken and I have been vacuuming my upstairs with no result for weeks!

So instead I moved the furniture of two rooms around, which looks a 100 times better I must say. No idea why I never thought to try this with my couch before.

The next day I fixed the vacuum and vacuumed the entire house. Man does it look better. I also started my seedlings for my garden and as usual have planted way too many. If all goes well I will have…

  1. Onions

  2. Bell peppers

  3. two kinds of tomatoes

  4. cilantro

  5. parsley

  6. rosemary

  7. two kinds of hot peppers

  8. peas

  9. zucchini

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