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Interesting post.

“Alive” is for the one who said it, them only. The magic comes from the beauty that “Alive” really creates an Alive somewhere. Words, letters, sounds, all just ways of building every Alive. I can spell Alive as Comfort, or Smile, or Persistence, or Dlksj. It’s still means exactly what I what I wanted it to taste like, regardless of what it means to you.

You can show me Alive, film an Alive, draw an Alive, sing an Alive, play an Alive, but until I see Alive come to life in your eyes, Alive has been robbed of its full potential for you.

Say it one more time, loud enough for me to hear.

Alive. Say it with me.

“Alive”. Do you taste it? Did your Alive come Alive, so to say?




Making Champagne

There’s a word I’m looking for: Alive.

It’s a word somebody said to me once, maybe two. Two syllables, just two meaningless exhalations of breath. Two notes of this language that can be played minor and major, but never intentionally—it seems to break little differently upon the ears of each person.

“Alive”—say it to yourself now, whisper it, feel it on your lips, your tongue, taste what you hear it to be. Alive. Mouth it if prying ears are seated too close, this is for you.


Alive means breathing. Alive means thinking. Alive means excitement. Alive means wasteless, Alive means untapped discovery. Alive means pain, that pit that gathers in your gut when you have to choose. Alive means a world, you know, the one you sense, at least sometimes. Alive means something beyond you, something you can see, feel, touch, love.

This is everyone’s “Alive”

But what do…

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