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Again, more.

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I do not know if it is stress or what but I am still cleaning house. I am planning what curtains will go downstairs and how I can move furniture around. I am  day dreaming of moving house and moving out of the country or across it at least.

I think I just really need a vacation. I am ready for one. Even a stay home vacation, where I can stay up late and sleep in most days.

I keep trying to keep in mind the things I have right now, a good job, a home of my own, family, but my itchy feet are saying I need to be changing and moving around more. Trying to keep it happy with moving furniture but there is only so much you can move.

Really tempted to send my Stella out to the parents for the weekend and head out of town. She needs to have a test run of how she does without me with the new puppy any way, right?

My current goal is to do one thing at a time, start to finish. I want to manage to complete some of the things and projects I have floating around my life. One of my new year’s goals was to be more mindful this year so I am trying to keep my attention focused on what I am working on. To be focused on the action and let the action fill me up. This is hard to accomplish and is an on an off thing.

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