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Writing To Do List

Writing To Do List

Remember: Just write it does not matter how it sounds until later. Just get words on the page, we can tweak later.

Finish the edit of The Mage’s Daughter .

Publish The Mage’s Daughter as an Ebook. (July)

Get all your computer files for this organized, not in 8 different places.

Finish writing the sequel for The Mage’s Daughter (On Hold)

Format the short story collection you are working on for ebook. (On hold)

Finish writing Blood Work – Detective story (On hold)

What’s the next step for this one? More research?

Finish writing Red

Need to outline to see where this one is going.

Finish writing Parasol – Steampunk story (On hold)

Missing final scene, check notebooks.

Finish writing Silver Wing – Sci Fi story (On hold)

Need to write out the final scenes and count this one as finished.

Finish Fanfiction for Sherlock (On hold)

You know how it is going to end, just write the damn thing.

Finish writing Cheapside – Fantasy (On hold)

Finish writing Fanfiction for Avengers (On hold)

The Road

Aftereffects (In Progress)

How could this one be rewritten as a fantasy?

Person is possessed by demon in parasol universe (Steampunk), saves the world but results in him getting sick. The rest of the team he works with frantically try to find ways to save him without unleashing the demon.

Soldier in a steampunk world. A man who has been fighting in the wars against and alongside Mages gets possessed by a demon or exposed to a toxin that begins to slowly kill him unless he can do certain things to slow it down. Would be a very dark story.

Work on story with Paul

What’s the next step?

Meeting her family and parents? Friends at work?

Meeting her new partner.

First job together with her partner, cold cases.

Work on Vampire Jane Eyre Story

Work on story continuation of reflections using other fairy tales.

Beauty and the Beast

Red Riding Hood


Sapsorrow arrives at its happy outcome by developing a potentiality in the structure of ‘Kari Woodengown’, whereby Kari has dealings with the prince three times in her wooden gown and three times in magnificent clothing, but Sapsorrow transforms this pattern by depicting its heroine as a resourceful young woman who not only arouses the prince’s desire when she appears in her beautiful, ballroom form, but also brings about a growth of his humanity by repeatedly challenging structures of social and gender hierarchy in her conversations with him when she is in her ‘Straggletag’ disguise. Hence the tale is no longer about a forlorn princess whose destiny is to gain a high‐ranking husband as recompense for her patient suffering, but about forging an equal and companionate relationship, for the prince now must implicitly prove himself worthy of Sapsorrow/Straggletag. Unlike the princes of both ‘Donkey‐Skin’ and ‘Kari Woodengown’, this prince neither knows nor suspects that Straggletag is his dream princess, and willingly agrees to marry her before her identity is revealed. This outcome (redemption through romance) does not represent a radical reworking of the basis of relationships between male and female in fairy tales, but in that it is reached through a combination of female agency and a modification of masculinity, it deviates significantly from the mythic matrix.

Cinderella (dark version)

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