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Writing To Do List

Writing To Do List

Remember: Just write it does not matter how it sounds until later. Just get words on the page, we can tweak later.

Finish the edit of The Mage’s Daughter .

Publish The Mage’s Daughter as an Ebook. (August)

Get all your computer files for this organized, not in 8 different places.

Finish writing the sequel for The Mage’s Daughter (On Hold)

Combine old ending into new story. How is this going to change?

Need to write scenes for  

scouting with Aaron

attacks on the Fort

Investigating the dead areas drained of magic

Confrontation with Attacker

Kuro’s death

Traveling to Orlean and entering the Court as a visiting Mage.

Finish writing Blood Work – Detective story (On hold)

What’s the next step for this one? More research?

Need to read “On Killing.”

Finish writing Red

Need to outline to see where this one is going.

Old magics are rising and factions are fighting for stability.

Finish writing Parasol – Steampunk story (On hold)

Missing final scene, check notebooks.

Conversation with Major on Dirigible.

Finish Fanfiction for Sherlock (On hold)

You know how it is going to end, just write the damn thing.

Finish writing Cheapside – Fantasy (On hold)

Where is this going, needs to be edited and pulled tighter.

Might need a massive edit and rewrite.

Work out an outline and see what still fits.

Finish writing Fanfiction for Avengers (On hold)

The Road

Aftereffects (In Progress)

Scenes to be written:

Vacation with Team, Beach or mountains?

Have the media notice that Hawkeye is bald?

They realize that he leaves all his tech in the tower when he leaves on Shield missions so Tony is not able to track him and blows up when he gets back.

Clint starts getting sicker, starts missing by very small amounts in training and starts pushing himself harder to compensate. The team notices and tries to help with varying results.

Clint winds up in the hospital after getting really sick, pneumonia?

Death scenes,  Thor saves the day, he arrives too late.

Thor takes Clint to Vahalla and asks that he be healed and released back to earth. Other Avengers come to plead his case. Jarvis presents the timeline he has been working on.

Odin agrees but at a cost.

What price would he demand?

How could this one be rewritten as a fantasy?

Person is possessed by demon in parasol universe (Steampunk), saves the world but results in him getting sick. The rest of the team he works with frantically try to find ways to save him without unleashing the demon.

Soldier in a steampunk world. A man who has been fighting in the wars against and alongside Mages gets possessed by a demon or exposed to a toxin that begins to slowly kill him unless he can do certain things to slow it down. Would be a very dark story.

Would he be a good man being infected by evil or an bad/indifferent man forced to clean up his act in order to prevent the evil from taking over?

This also works as a werewolf or vampire story, soldier is infected while taking out those attacking the base.

Would Werewolves be out and a part of normal life or are the still in hiding?

If so are they fighting for their human rights?

How would he be viewed as an infected instead of a born werewolf?

Would he look different? Smell different from born werewolves?

Work on story with Paul

What’s the next step?

Meeting her family and parents? Friends at work?

Meeting her new partner.

First job together with her partner, cold cases.

Working several cold cases and see a connection between cases?

Work on Vampire Jane Eyre Story

Next step is her meeting the Housekeeper, Staff and Child, setting into the work at the house.

Maddox, the driver meets her to drive to the estate.

What is the family name?

Work on story continuation of reflections using other fairy tales.

Beauty and the Beast

Winds up working in the kitchens of a castle and befriends a fur covered creature who minds the fires and scrubs the castle floors.

Cinderella (dark version)

She comes to a world where the forests are full of fairies and she is warned against making deals with them, they site the recently married Rella as an example. Married the Prince of the realm yet she bleeds just as red in velvet as she does in rags.

Red Riding Hood

Travels to another area and is warned against the wolves in the wood and their leader Red. Werewolves, red was infected when she was attacked.

Straggletag/Sapsorrow (Combine with Beauty and the Beast)


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