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Writing Prompt: Wonder

Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

I am not sure I did cultivate a sense of wonder this year. I have been buried in my school work trying to finish my bachelors this year. As off December 9th I will be done with my exams and hopefully completely done with classes for a while. I have a lot of plans of what I want to do with all the time I will have and cannot wait.

List of Goals for next year.

  1. Lose weight. I have been fighting with this all year and just gave up this semester with all the stress I have been under. Starting in January I am pulling out the exercise tapes and going walking in the afternoons to see if I can get some of my strength back and lose some weight in the process.

  2. Save Money. I am planning a lot of trips and things in the coming year that I want to do and will need to save money for them.

  3. Get my dog to where I can walk her again without her trying to attack the other dogs we pass. She has been doing this since she got attacked two years ago and I want to be able to walk her without worrying that she will break her harness to attack another dog. Not sure how this is going to go. I may have to get her into training but we will try it. She hates riding in the car so I will try just walking in the neighborhood first and see how that goes.

  4. Read my backlog of books. I have a mountain of books in my TBR pile that I intend to at least try to read so I can clear out some space.

  5. Cook more. I have let cooking fall to the wayside along with everything else. I am planning to start cooking every night like I used to.


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