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Writing Asides

I have spent the last 5 months working with a developmental editor to rework my novel. I am only about 1/3 of the way through my novel. My writing style has changed massively since I completed the novel and getting the new and old to integrate is a huge challenge. I am completely tearing down old scenes and reworking them while trying to get my old writing tweaked enough to fit with the new sections.

I am writing new scenes and plot lines as well. I have removed almost 10,000 words so far and added back nearly the same amount. With the new plot lines and characters I am looking at adding almost 5000 words more in just the first half of the novel.

I have a new character that I would love to explore and expand his world. He’s not a main character. Heck, he was not in original book at all but he’s so much fun to write. I am really tempted to write him his own story. It might never go any where and it might only be hinted at in my mage novel but I really want it. Right now however, the novel comes first so I am outlining ideas and taking notes. Maybe eventually, Troche will get his own story but for right now he will have to live in my head for a while longer.


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