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Writing about Me

I have been doing writing exercises to try and keep writing even though I am stuck on my book. The following is one of these exercises. I almost did not post this because it cuts a bit too close to myself. See what you think.

Write About the Person You Want to Be
The person I have always wanted to be does not exist. Not in me anyway.
I want to have more friends, ones I could trust. I want to be bolder and more outspoken, easier in crowds and in front of people I do not know well.
Some days I wish I was not such a solitary person. I need time to myself like I need to breathe, need to write. I have yet to find a person who really understands this part of me. My last boyfriend made me miserable by denying me time alone. Even when I was sick and asked him not to come over, that I just wanted to rest, he ignored me and came anyway. I spent the evening sick and unhappy, while he watched TV.
I need time to think and to write. To not be the invisible girl any more would be great. I don’t know how many times I have stepped to leave the elevator or open a door and almost been creamed by the person walking in. They simply do not see me. Or I stand at a counter waiting for the sales clerk to finish with another person and they simply skip over me and go to the next. Maybe I am just too ordinary.       I need to stand out more.

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