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Works in Progress

My To Do List for the rest of the week.

1. Call Rental agency website and get password reset…again. I really hate their site. 2.Call alarm company and cancel contract if I can. 3. Call bank and get online stuff reset. (sensing a theme yet?) 4. Get your shit together with organizing all the paperwork and tax stuff. 5. Clean house, the dog bunnies are taking over again. 6. Doctor’s appointment. 7. Finish rewriting chapter one of Mage and plot out the possible extra chapters before she meets the Captain. Send to RJ. (This turned into a massive re-outlining of the entire novel and character notes. New Chapters in the works) 8. Work on chapter 2 notes. (In progress) 9. Pack for the concert in Atlanta. Pack for Stella, don’t forget the dog bed. 10. Mow the yard and pick up storm debris. (Partly done.)

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