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Word Count

Let’s get the word count meter going.

Mage book 2: The Mage’s Daughter: Exile. Word Count: 14200

I spent the weekend chilling out, playing WOW, and trying to work on a few random projects writing wise. I have almost completed my current fan fiction writing prompts and hope to wrap several up this week (about 4000 words added). I fixed the typo my sister found in Mage book 1 and re-posted to amazon. I will update the smash-words version tonight.

The next few months are going to be focusing on Mage Book 2. I want to start cranking out the wordage since if I stick to my outline this is going to be a long novel. I might be breaking it into two parts but still publishing it all as one book, not sure yet.

The words are finally starting to flow again so it’s time to get typing. Here’s to a productive week ;-P

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