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Most of the time I do not think about my weight, then I see a photo and I am forced to see just how bad it is.

To face the fact that I am fat.

Most of the time I feel I am the same size as I was 5 years ago and do not think about it.

But the fact is I am not. I am fat and I need to lose weight.

I have tried watching what I eat but the fact is that I sit at a desk for 8 hours a day and spend the rest of my night sitting at a desk in class or sitting at a desk studying or sitting on a couch with my dog. I don't get any kind of exercise so no matter what I stop eatting I am not going to lose weight. I have to make time to exercise.

I am going to start setting my alarm an hour earlier so I can get up and exercise before work.

Sleep is the last thing I need to lose and I am a major night owl so this may back fire on me but it is the only thing I can think to change. I am already walking on the treadmile several days a week and doing an hour riding lesson once a week. I need to add some cardio to the rest of the week and see if this helps.

If you see a fat girl tomorrow, barely able to move from exercising, it's me.

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