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I have been sick since the day after Christmas, with a complete lack of voice and a head cold. Utter misery, lol. It is amazing how much you realize you actually need to talk when you are unable too. One nice thing was that I did not have to answer the phones at work, but it also meant that I could not really call anyone either. I was about ready to kick the next person at work who started whispering back to me in response to everything I said.

It also means I have not done much but work and sleep the last week. I have been asked by a few friends what my new year’s resolutions are for this year and I have barely gotten over Christmas and have not spared any brain cells for the new year. I accomplished a ton of things last year. I am really at a loss as to what I need to try and go for this year. Last year I bought my house and moved out on my own. In January of this year I bought a new car for the first time. I am almost done with my bachelor’s degree and will soon have to decide which way the rest of my schooling will head. I planted and grew my own potted garden this year.  I started writing a book this year and found out one of my poems from high school had been published in a collection. 

I guess my resolutions will have to be about finishing things. Finishing my book, finishing my degree, etc…

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