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It has been so strange having to clean my house for a one week rental. I have had to remove most of the personal touches I always thought made a room. 

I have boxes of junk and random pictures and things from each room of the house now up in the Attic. I will have to see if I miss any of it. If not, I will be getting rid of it. 

It also means that I have no food in the house. I have boxed up everything in my cabinets and am eating out of the boxes. I won’t buy anything fresh that needs to go in the fridge or even in the cabinets till after the Master’s Tournament. This is my first year renting out and I am not sure it is worth the stress with how bad the economy is right now. Combined with my new job it is beyond sressfull right now. I am glad I had planned a week off to get the house ready. 

It has also let me plow through my to-be-read pile of books. Check out my library at Good Reads.

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