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Well, I have had one of the worst days ever yesterday. I have been trying to rent my house through the Master’s Housing Bureau. I have went through three potential renters and did not think I was going to rent at all when I got called on Tuesday to rent Wednesday through Sunday. I thought it was rented, no problems, then the MHB person renting my place began calling saying to renter thought the condo was not clean enough. I said then get a maid in to clean. Several phone call later, she goes to see my place and says the house is not clean enough to even be listed and the renter had canceled the contract. I had one day notice that I was renting my house and had spent all night cleaning. To say I was hurt and offended would be an understatement. The renter even had the nerve to leave a note saying that it was nothing against me personally but she could not stay in a place like this. Considering this is a condo I, a student who works full time and spends every penny I have just to own said place, live in and do the best to keep up, I was very upset. Once I had a day to calm down I realized it simply was not an affluent neighborhood to say the least and since I place little value in expense displays the condo is not appointed in that manner. Plus my neighbors are not the best house mates. Will just have to ignore it and go on.

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