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I am very tired this week. I am freaking out because the first two weeks of my new job have went by and I have gained four pounds! I am flat out sitting at a desk and not moving compared to my last job where I spent every second running all over the hospital. I have started going to the gym again, luckily my membership still has a few months on it. I am trying to not over do it but I did an hour on the treadmill (walking) and felt fine the next day. Will have to try getting on the elliptical machine again and see how that goes. That was the machine that always kicked my butt. It is a great work out and you burn tons of calories but god does it kill your legs. I am thinking I will try and go on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If I do fine this month I may add more days. 

Frankly I am hating going home and watching TV (sigh…day shift). I want to be doing something and it is too dark to do much outside, or it requires spending money I don’t have right now. I am trying to not aggravate my hip with exercising like I did two months ago. I have finally got it back to where it does not hurt except when it rains and would like it to stay that way. I tend to throw a movie in and watch that (or leave it running as background noise). But I have seen all the movies I own way too much (I could probably quote them). I have a bunch saved that I would like to buy but again the no money thing is not going my way. I will be doing good once I get paid at the end of the month but I want to get all my bills down before I spend on myself. I am also dying for a few new books to read. I have dug through several partial series and really want to pick up the next book but and trying to be good. To stay me over I am re-reading several of my favorites and trying to drag myself through the dregs of my to-be-read stack. The four books I have on the bottom have been there for almost two years. I cannot summon enough enthusiasm to read the things. 

Plus I still cannot sleep at any normal time, going to bed at two am every night makes for a rough end of the week. So far I am not having any problems getting up but I lay there at night waiting for my head to turn off. I usually have a barrage of things running through my head but have learned how to deal after years of it, lying in bed at 4 am writing down everything running through my head is the last straw. I have not hit that yet but I have started writing a journal again, working on my book, on poems, and random notes just trying to tone it down a bit so I can sleep. Hopefully the exercise will help with this too.

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