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My professors have finally seemed to realize that we have three weeks of class. For my statistics class that is only 6 classes and myfinal exam. I have had so much to do the last week and am all but bleeding statistics. I am off to school after work today (on a day I don’t have class much less) to use the one room of computers that have our statistics software. I am praying that there is not a class there. The work should only take me 20 minutes I hope, wish me luck.

I had a wonderful Easter weekend and end of Master’s Week. It was a very strange Master’s week. There was never any traffic except right next to the golf course and on the interstate. The restaurants were never full or even really busy at any time or day. Normally the whole town is wall to wall cars and people with most people who work that week, living at home and driving as little as possible. Normally everyone that can leaves town for the week (college and all other schools in town are out). Everyone I spoke to was generally staying in town this year or just going on vacation for half the week and never far away at that. I guess the bad economy had everyone staying near home and the golf attendees seemed to just be coming for a day and leaving, or maybe they stayed out of town as well.

Oh well, it is all over and it is back to the daily grind of school, work, and home.

On a side note, do not ever use red wine vinegar to dye eggs. The dye peels off in patches and flakes all over the place. We managed to have eggs that looked like they had the plague.

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