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I think I need to relearn history. Throughout school we learned American History, and only before the 1700s or so. We stopped at the industrial revolution everytime. We never did the history of other countries besides Britiain and the US. I want to understand the political war we seem to be in. To understand the history of others than the US whose triumphs adn mistakes can be learned from. Are we so arrogant a country that at some public schools we only teach about US history? Geography seems to have been dropped almost completely aswell. Or is it that history has been downsized liek recess and band? I do know that currently middle school students in some schools are getting a much more rounded education, but does this carry state to state or city to city even? Have things improved since I was in social studies? It may even be that in the years since I have simply forgotten what little I learned or was covered, who is to say. I hope it is that things have improved. I now simply have to start over and rebuild from the lack I see.

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