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Everything seems to be screaming “Christmas” at me today. Every book I read has a chapter with the family having Christmas, falling in love with the winter all over again. I think it is just a need for fall and cool weather, falling leaves.

I am just longing for winter. Sweaters and blankets, wind stinging your cheeks and lungs. My winter sentinels watching over my shoulder during the night.

I have had carols on the brain. I love the music of Christmas, the full chorus, the lone tenor or alto. I have had “Mary did you know” and “Oh Come all You faithfully” stuck in my head all night.

We have been discussing what the tree should look like this year, (a new tradition my mom came up with, multiple trees, one for every down stairs room, each with a theme,… don’t ask) and what theme to have for the family Christmas party (started after everyone vetoed ham and turkey about 5 years ago, now we cook what we want and eat buffet style while opening presents)

Is it too early to get Christmas gifts?

Should I be getting gifts for everyone already?

I love winter. The oppressive humidity is stripped away leaving you feeling like you are floating, skipping across the ground. The harsh glitter of the light, cool liquid splashing against the world.

I love the cooking of Christmas. I am craving roasted pecans and chexmix. Is it still too hot to make them? Chexmix cooks for hours, heating up the entire house, nuts is a possibility, a slow pan roast or in the oven. Could turn into another hunt for the elusive out of season fresh cranberries that happened last year (cran-cherry pie…Yummy). Or I could do a cool version with the same taste, found a roasted hazelnut icecream recipe, wonder if pecans would work?

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