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I have been thinking about road rage lately. It is amazing how easy it is to get carried away and chew out the drivers around you, often for mundane driving or small errors you would make any day. I think it is because of how isolated being in a car is. Most people drive alone,traveling in an isolated bubble where they control how fast they are going, where they are going, what they listen too, and so on.

This level of control seems to lead to extreme agitation at seeming small errors in anyone else on the road, since they are the only thing the driver cannot control.This could also be the reason society in general seems to be getting more violent, less and less people are living with others, relatives or not. Isolated people with little contact to others, leads to a skewed view that every thing they do is correct and essential while everyone else is wrong. With out a group mentality and opinion to ground our own self view becomes extreme and out of context.

This can also apply to how people enforced or self imposed isolation tend to become viewed as socially strange and or violent.

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