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22. Buy new tennis shoes. I know I love my grey tennies but they are beyond old and worn out. Washing no longer gets them clean and they do not fit as well as they used to. I am only keeping them because they are my favorite shoes and so I need to get rid of them and get a new pair.

23. Use the library more. I am waiting for the new library downtown to open but I can use any of the ones in town till then and there are several right near both school and home. I do not have an excuse not to.

24. Go to more places. This one has been on my resolutions since last year. This was why I decided to go to Seattle, WA. Because I had always wanted to and I had no reason not to go other then the fact that I was holding myself back. This year I am planning two trips, one small and near home and one farther away if I can afford it (or close to home but something I have not done before). I loved going to Seattle and I hope I will love my vacations this year. I am trying to push my comfort zones a bit by going to a beach since I have never been a big fan of the beach, but you can always find things to do that you did not realize were there when you are in a new town for a week. Wish me luck!

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