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Found a site I had forgotten about, The Green Man Review.

A wonderful review of music, books, and films that have a mythical, fantasy bent. The book reviews are the reason I love this site. The people really research the topics, tell you about the characters and draw you into the novel. Utterly amazing. Hope you enjoy.

Currently listening to Daughtry, U2, and “Blue on Black” by Kenny Wayne Shepard. Just finished reading Bitten by Armstrong. A good book if rather strange. A werewolf trying to live as a human in Chicago, is called back home to the pack and has to deal with her past. The fact that she is torn between the human boyfriend and a pack member who seems to constantly get her in bed, makes for a scattered read. The boyfriend is forgotten on and off through out the book, and the main character does not seem to even understand what she is doing, in trying to get away from the pack. Currently reading Widdershins by Charles delint.

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