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I went and bought my books for school yesterday. I love to buy books, I will often buy books when I do not really have the money to. The main reason is I love to read, but also it is a treat that will now make me gain 30 pounds either. But buying school books for college is different. I spend any where from 200 to 600 dollars, sometimes just for one subject. And a new edition comes out every year to you only get about 20 dollars back is you sell them back to the school. Also since the new edition has the same information, but has moved all the problems around you often can’t get the cheaper old edition because the assignments from your teachers will be wrong. I go to a community college and I know, the state pays most of the cost and I am paying 1/4 the actual cost of attending college. But why should my books cost the same price as taking one or two classes?

Books have been a love affair from the start. To be able to read and learn about anything was amazing. I love rereading books over and over again. You catch innuendo and sarcasm you missed the first time and find clues to the ending scattered throughout the reading.

I was listening to a show about writing short stories and someone said “If a gun is shown to you, by the end of the book it has gone off.” I love books like this, if you show me something I want it to be used by the end of the book. Why have the character buy a dress if she is not going to wear it?

I read books as a comfort mechanism too. To have an utterly horrible day and be able to curl up with an old favorite that you have read till you can quote the main characters, the spine is broken, and the pages about to fall out. That is marvelous. The very smell of books is comforting. Smell is often the key to memory and at the smell of those worn pages I relax.

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