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I had a rather bad day today. I had a final exam, a doctor’s appointment, and work in the pharmacy today. I was so mad I did not have time to go ride my bike today. It was a beautiful day today. I also wanted to try out the new gloves I bought. My hands have been going numb as I increase the mileage. While I think I did okay on my exams, I was so stressed between work, school, and not having time to exercise that I gained ten pounds. My Doctor has been onto me to lose weight so I can lower my blood pressure and at this appointment my blood pressure was down a bit but my weight was back up to the same as three months ago. Luckily my doctor knows my schedule is insane and is giving me six months to make a real change or I might have to start taking blood pressure medication. Well here’s to more gym time and less real food, sigh.

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