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Having a better day today at work. Feeling ashamed that I talked myself out of going to the gym, but I did stretch and do free weights at home, plus I am working delivery today and running all over the hospital, must count for something. I did bike four miles yesterday. I was planning on doing ten miles but my legs are out of condition from the weeks of no exercise. (have to work my way back up)

I have been looking at recipes and want to make a good loaf of bread with some homemade soup. I have a recipe for curry chicken in coconut milk with bean sprouts I want to try as well. (possible substitute shrimp). I had a version like this at a local restaurant and have been dying to try and made something like it for a while. Will have to make it on a night I am not cooking for my Dad. He is a bit reluctant to eat new things and something this heavy with coconut milk would not go over well.

Listening to Kenny Wayne Shepard and reading In a Sunburned Country by Bryson and Solitair by Kelly Eskridge.

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