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I was talking to one of my friends who used to ride saddlebreds and she thinks I am simply not aggressive enough. This may be true but I think it is more, why use violence when other things work. I understand the rule that if a horse does not listen to the light tap, a harder smack makes them pay attention to the light tap. But a lot of the time it only makes things worse. The horse misbehaves, you swat them, they bolt or flatten out because of the smack and you are back at square one getting them back into frame. It is counter productive a fair amount of the time. It sometimes works to get the horses attention but not always.

I have been preparing this week to start taking Anatomy and Physiology in the summer quarter at college. I took this class at Tech and none of the graduate and pharmacy schools I am looking at will accept the credits. I have to take it over at a University. The lab sections should be a breeze but I am not taking any chances. The book we are using seems more in depth than the one used at Tech. However, I have taken years of Biology courses so a lot of this should be a review. We will have to see.

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