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In this constant push to lose weight I feel like I am loosing my sense of self. I am constantly tired right now from my crazy schedule at work and the 2-4 hours of class everyday during the week. The days I need to sleep before going to work, something keeps coming up. I realized while I am one day ahead in my notes, I need to review for my first test later this week and a lab exam the week after. I also need to finish the notes for tommorow and the rest of the weeks classes, which means either staying up or getting up early to do them, with me getting home at midnight and having to leave for class by 10am. I hate to give up another hour of sleep or “me” time just to go torture myself at the gym before I get to sit through another class. I am already having trouble staying awake in class as it is. I hate being this exhausted. It just makes your whole body ache, and you feel fat and ugly. It is so easy to be depressed when you are this tired.

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