• Amelia Sides


Cell phones drive me nuts. I hate seeing people driving with them and the new ear clip models have people walking around talking to nonexistent people only they can hear.

What amazes me is … Who are you talking to? Who do you need to call every 20 minutes? Why would you need to? Most of the time in my experience, you will see that person later in the day, why not wait and ask them then?

We now have cell phones at my work. On a slow day last week we were talking about AIDS and treatments/cures, ect… I had left to go deliver some IVs when I got called on my work cell phone. It was one of the techs continuing the conversation. I asked why she could not have waited the 5 minutes till I got back in the pharmacy? She ignored the question and proceeded to ask about Magic Johnson’s wife, how she did not get AIDS…I said I was working, I would talk to her when I got back to the pharmacy, and hung up.

Yes it was a slow day and we were standing around BS-ing, that does not mean that you can interrupt me while I am working with stupid questions. I think this is more of the fast food generation rebound. You expect instant food, information, and contact with others.

Until recently my cell phone was for one purpose, to get help if my car broke down (again…). I kept it charged but rarely checked it or use it to call people. I don’t talk to it while driving if I can help it (on the rare occasion someone calls it) I take it to work and to school but it stays in my bag on silent (after about jumping out of my skin in class as my butt began to vibrate).

Being a young single female I am supposed to carry it on the off chance that my attacker will let me dig it out and dial 911. Considering there is no service on the bike paths maybe I could club them with it (another reason not to get the tiny slim version…beyond the “crud I am going to crush this thing”) I do like the idea of walking while talking to someone though. I pace while I talk anyway so why not be outdoors and get some exercise while you do it?

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