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Just discovered the band The Nixons, love their song “Sister”.

I am also listening to Stereofuse, Dashboard Confessional, and Collective Soul

I just finished reading A Year in the World by Frances Mayes. A good book but made up of short stories about 4-6 years of travels during the summer and on vacations around Europe, Spain, and various locals. Her series on Tuscany is much more absorbing, I utterly loved Under the Tuscan Sun (the movie is good too, just nothing like the book).

Several books I am reading are on hold until I finish my exams.

  1. Cataract (sequel to Cat Scratch Fever) by Harper

  2. What Dreams May Come by Matheson

  3. Coyote Dreams (third in Urban Shaman series)

I really want to go to see the Outer Banks after reading the various links here. Sounds like a great vacation full of history and beachs.

Geometric Sculptures made out of just about anything…check them out.

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