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While talking to one of the pharmacy students a few nights ago, we got to comparing histories, hobbies, and such. We were talking about my life and what I am doing right now in school, work, horses, etc… Out of no where she comments that I must just want to forget all of last year since it sounded so bad. Yes it was bad, but why would I want to forget all the good and the bad?

I know I had a bad year but I chose most of it. I chose to…

  1. get out of the bad relationship I was in

  2. continue to try and get into pharmacy school

  3. take calculus and organic chemistry in the same semester (bad choice I know)

  4. change barns and find a new riding instructor

  5. stay at the job I have now

  6. to get out of bed everyday

  7. not rely on my parents for money

  8. try and find a house to buy.

Many people say they do not have a choice in what happens in life. I say every second of the day that you are awake you have a choice in what you do.

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