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Having a rather good day in a string of bad days. I worked an evening shift right after a night shift on monday and had a horrible

shift full of snappy nurses and medication/computer errors. Utterly horrible and made worse by four hours of sleep in between shifts. I had a horrible day off the next day just from being fuzzy and out of it still from sleep deprevation. I was also turned down on a townhome I had placed an offer on. Will have to keep looking.

I had a wonderful day today. I walked my dog for the first time out of our neighborhood and she did amazing. We only did one mile because of the heat (even at 8 am) got to love summer in Georgia.

I cannot wait for fall and winter this year. I love walking, riding horses, and bicycling in the fall and winter. I love the cold. Even though we almost never get snow I still love the crisp cold night that makes the stars seem close enough to touch. I miss working outdoors in the fall and winter the most. Drinking cocoa and coffee to thaw out, being awake when everyone else is still asleep, walking out the horses at 5am, cruching through the icy paths and breaking the ice on water buckets. I wish I could find a job that would let me work with horses in the mornings and still make enough to live. Have to hold out for that part time pharmacy job that lets me ride and work, lol.

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