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I have really been in the mood to cook lately with no time to do so. I am working pretty much for two weeks straight with two days off in between. And cooking with little sleep adds up to really bad food.

I am afraid I have went to the dark side. I bought a cookbook endorsed, written, compiled, (financed )…whatever by Martha Stewart. I hate her shows. Very pretentious attitude and makes random kitch that clutters up peoples homes, or are the things that normal working joes would never own. Rather like those Precious Moment things (gives me chills…looks like those horror movie things that turn out to be possessed by Satan), utterly useless kitch.

I was flipping through Everyday Food the other day though and ended up buying the thing. It had recipe after recipe that were easy to make and sounded like things I would enjoy eating…it even used easy to find ingredients (unlike Rachael Ray).

So I now own and plan to cook from a Martha Stewart Cookbook….the shock and horror. Someone smack me if I start making ornaments from tissue paper and decoupaging random household items.

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