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Last week I read a blog off of that stated how in love said person was with their public library. That it is a refuge to flee to after a stressful day at work. While there are still several public libraries in my town (unlike many small towns across the US) most are small and close early. Our main branch library sits downtown and though larger is dilapidated and worn with homeless people sleeping in most of the uncomfortable wooden chairs or at the computers. The books are old but in good condition. There is no “quiet place” for you to read or relax. I must add that they are in the process of building a new main branch downtown that will be a much larger building, we will have to wait and see about the rest.

However I can say our college libraries are what the local libraries lack (barring the local tech school, completely electronic with all books on disk). They are relaxing quiet places to study and read, with tons of computer access on every floor, hidden tables behind the stacks near windows, and groups of comfortable chairs near reading lights. All that is missing is the current fiction and nonfiction books. Our campus library leans toward textbooks, old journals, technical films, and electronic journals.

What amazes me is how up to date my professors are becoming with technology. When I was a freshman none of the teachers would post grades online, except for your final grade, nor would they respond to emails. Now emailing your teacher in the norm. Most professors post their grades online with their syllabus (no more “I didn’t get one”s) and answer their emails promptly. Most expect you to check your email daily and often before you come to class. I wound up in class waiting for the teacher only to find out the class had been canceled (the notice sent out by email). Every class I have had this year has used PowerPoint and slide shows during their lectures. Many even post the slide shows or outlines for the students to use.

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