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Had a rather horrible weekend moving my sister, her husband, and my niece. They moved about 45 minutes away from the house they were renting. This made for a few trips on the road, one eye on the trailer, one on the road (migraines, any one?) Between getting pooped on by my sister’s cat, the awful heat, mosquitoes, and the insistent barking of their dog, I was very ready to come home. I loved getting to play with my niece and spending time with my sister. However, the annoyances were vast including migraines and trying to sleep on a too short couch, and unstable recliner, and finally the floor.

The towels we had packed to use when we took showers that night were used on cat poop and vomit. We dismantled and unpacked for what felt like four hours before managing to find two towels to split among five people and one baby. After another day of hang-ups, moving a 300 pound piano, we drove the three hours back home and got to unpack the furniture my sister had given me for my new place (love the rug and chair…big thanks sis). I think the worst part of the trip was when we walked in and next to nothing was packed. That initial “Oh my God…this is going to take forever.” was a hard hit. We moved enough stuff that in the next two days they have left they should have no trouble getting out of the rental house in time.

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