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Well since my closing was moved back a week, I am now moving during what has to be the hottest week of the year. Yesterday it was 102 and today it is 107 degrees F. Luckily I have moved nearly everything so only a few big items remain.

I am a natural worrier. Because of this I have all kinds of insurance and savings. But it also means that I tend to moan about money alot. I don’t know anyone who does not hate doing bills, I tend to do them early so I do not have to worry about if I have the money or not. However since I closed at the first of the month, I have no money to pay bills and it is driving me nuts. Three more days till I get paid! Woohoo!

I am listening to Nina Gordon and reading Firebirds (an anthology of young adult science-fiction) and A Mile in Her Boots: Women Who Work in the Wilderness ( a collection of essays about jobs and people who work in the outdoors in their own words.) Both books are wonderful, I cannot wait till the next essay and story each day.

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